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“I Am Still Learning"~Michelangelo

This quote is an understatement for me these days. I am in the middle of a reinvention of my business and myself, and learning is at the core. Over the years I have refreshed my style and my business, however nothing like this.

This "Reinvention" (word & meaning, borrowed from ArleneDickinson newest kickass book) has been the biggest and most significant so far. Why? So happy you asked.

At this stage in my life I have learned a few things about myself, who I am, what I want and my ever stretching reach for the joy of life.

It has taken a long time to cultivate 'The Happiness Designer' title , even though this is new, all the learning to get here made it the perfect signature description of me.

I took all the things I love and put them together. And here's what unfolded…Shaman in Heels~ Happiness Designer. Sound's Fun, right?

I help women entrepreneurs, create a personalized 'Happiness Blueprint' , basically this is a cheat sheet for their life.

These are the most effective ways for them to navigate their business and personal life. Goals are awesome but if you don't have the processes in place for them to happen, you won't get there.

The 'Happiness Blueprint' will help you to set up your processes, which will ultimately be the foundation of your Business.

As an Entrepreneur, you have to navigate everything else too, we help you find the best way for you to feel like the wonder woman you are. (we help find your super powers, and yes, you have them)

I don't have a degree. I always felt I had to work harder than those with that little piece of paper. This has been an internal battle for me, for most of my life.

The great side of that battle has been years learning everything I could, about myself and what other successful people have learned. (I could quite possibly open my own bookstore of self-help and business books alone.)

I am an avid reader, in the last year I added audibles to my toolbox,(fantastic resource) this allows me to listen while I am getting ready, driving, cooking dinner etc.

The beauty of multitasking. Learning new things makes me feel smarter, younger, more interesting and happy. (#humblebrag)

Are you a student of Life? Do you revel in learning about new things? Do you find it exciting? As life goes, when we complete our post-secondary schooling we usually want a break from learning.

However the learning never stops. The key is, do we pay close enough attention? Do we learn the lessons we are here to learn or do we just keep repeating them in different situations until we get it?

Some of us are here to learn trust, some are here to learn their self-worth, and some are here to know that all things are possible, some are here to guide others.

Whatever your lessons are, they are all an opportunity to learn and know about yourself emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

We learn from the school of Life, there is no other place that has such vast, unlimited knowledge. We have an opportunity to learn something every day, let’s take a couple of minutes and decide what kind of student you are;

  • Do you enjoy trying new things?
  • Are you open to new experiences?
  • Do you attract the kind of experiences in your life that you want?
  • Do you see patterns or themes in your life?
  • Do you attract the type of people you want in your life?
  • What do you see? Look at your life, how would you describe it?
  • What lessons have you learned from?
  • What did you learn about yourself from these lessons?
  • What did you learn about others?
  • How does this reflect your life?

Everywhere you look we are presented with an opportunity for personal growth. It starts with our family, lord knows we love them but they can push our buttons like no other can, but they also bring out the best of who we are. Within our family unit we challenge each other and support each other as we grow and learn together.

We are like a mirror, and everyone we encounter reflects back to us in some way or another. Sometimes we like what we see and other times we don’t. It is the times when we like what we see, that we need to acknowledge that and renew our sense of self-worth and self-expression.

When we feel strong in those areas it makes learning lessons easier when it is reflected back to us, something we don’t approve of or dislike.

Often when this happens there is something within us that has come to the surface for healing, it is then up to us whether we will accept this information and look at it or stuff it back down. Often, stuffing it back down seems like the answer at the time but, life lessons are sneaky that way and they just keep coming back.

At first the Universe offers up the lesson in a gentle way, giving us the opportunity to look at it and work through it at our leisure.

However, if we decide to stuff it down, the lesson keeps a knocking and before you know it, dealing with it at your leisure is no longer an option. It is interfering with your life, whether it be your personal, family or business life.

So start today, tune up your awareness to the school of Life, particularly what goes on in your life. Learning something every day is good for the soul, it adds to the quality of your life and those around you.

Most important, if you don’t take time to honor and appreciate yourself, who will?

“Never be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not learning from mistakes” ~W.

Brett Wilson

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