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Hello, Hello It’s Deborah here,

I am emailing you because you have been connected to us through Workshops, Ebooks, Private Sessions, or through associations such as C.A.R.Y.A, C.A.R.E. Society, or The Foundation of Me. We have been thrilled for you to be a part of our journey so far.

We have so many things going on we could hardly wait to share our super exciting news…behind the scenes, there is a flurry of activity … here are a few of the fabulous things that have been happening

We’ve updated our name to Shaman in Heels see our Brand New Look here Shaman in Heels Website

We are committed to continuing to share valuable information and support to those on their amazing journey.

This will be the only email we send you, so if you would love to continue to be part of our journey, as we have so many more exciting things coming!!!!

Please click here and you'll be part of our Happiness VIP Club. We promise to only share our most amazing information.

However, if you decide that this is good-bye, we wish you all the best and Thank you for your past support. Always know you are welcome to return at any time.

Be Happy, From our Family to Yours❤️ xx

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  Posted: Tue Feb 5th 2019 1:00pm  a year ago

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Thank you Debra, you left me feeling more whole and aware and confident in that loveable. I’m absolutely coming for more sessions, I think you will probe more, and you have my trust and confidence, I am willing to go deeper to understand my best forward – inside and out. -Sue Spicer