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Equally One Of The Most Loved or Hated, Days Of The Year!

I have always loved Valentine's Day. I was extremely shy when I was young and what better way to tell my classmates that I liked them was with Valentines cards.

I revelled in the experience of choosing the special cards. I was thoughtful and kind as I addressed each one. This was my chance to tell the kids in my class how much I appreciated each one of them.

Back in the day, lol. We weren't obligated to give everyone in our class a card. Before you get too excited about that, everyone back then automatically gave each person a valentine, because they wanted to.

It's been a long time since I felt so shy, however, for me Valentine's has always been a day that reminds me to tell the people that I love and care about how special they are to me.

I feel extremely grateful for having the kind of love that has lasted a lifetime love that is truly one of a kind. I have had it all, and continue to discover that some love is timeless.

As time passes I am more aware every year, how rare it is to have so many amazing people in my life. I love them all!!!!

No, I don't need it to be one day only… but we do get busy and sometimes forget to tell someone we love, that they're special. Valentines is just a lovely reminder for us and an extra opportunity to do so.

Yes, the day has been commercialized, you might not have a lover or that special someone to spend the day with. No matter who you are, you are loved by someone.

We forget that the longest love affair we'll ever have is with ourselves, So literally LOVE the one you're with! ( There's even a song written about that )

Make Valentine's Day, everything you want it to be, whether you spend it with friends, family, a lover or lovers ( whatever makes you Happy ) or Yourself. Live in the moment, love it, cherish it and most of all have fun!

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  Posted: Fri Feb 14th 2020 1:00pm  6 months ago

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Ohhh Debra, I had to write this down, with gratitude, love, and an opened heart. Yes, I felt and feel a shift in my awareness and responses, almost immediately after our session -Sue Spicer