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St. Patrick's Day- The History Behind the Fun

There's more behind the Green Beer, Shot Glass Necklaces, The Leprechaun Hat and 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' Buttons.

While there is a lush history behind the Patron Saint Of Ireland, I will just give you a few fun facts about the Shamrock.

Patrick might just be the one for popularizing the Shamrock, you know the little green, three-leafed plant. Not to be confused with the Four-Leafed Clover.

According to legend, Patrick used the shamrock to teach the concept of the Christian Holy Trinity. Christians already had triple deities, along with the high regard for the number three. Patrick used the shamrock to win the Irish over.

Where Did Wearing Green Come From?

Do you remember being pinched for not wearing green, when you were a kid? I wanted to avoid the pinching at all costs, so green it is! This all goes back to the Irish Rebellion. Irish soldiers wore green when battling the British, in their trademark red.

The colour blue was originally associated with St. Patrick and Feast Day. In the war of 1798, the soldiers sang "The Wearing of the Green". This was the turning point when everything changed to green, the shamrock colour, Ireland's mainstay colour.

From this day forward, people wore green on St. Patty's Day, the practice of wearing and decoration is a huge part of showing solidarity, whether you're Irish or not.

Hopefully, you've busted out your Greens today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Looking for something fun to do while we are huddled at home?

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  Posted: Tue Mar 17th 2020 12:00pm  5 months ago

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