Dealing With Fear And Uncertainty

We fear the unknown, fear clouds your judgement, we can’t make decisions. In order, to address fear you have to be able to recognize what it is first.

When you shift fear you make good decisions, you have better judgement, you can express yourself better, it is easier to communicate. Being in the present moment is the goal.

How to recognize when you’re in a fear state of mind Strategies and tactics to Know what to do when you face fear

  • Learn how to be in a growth mindset
  • Discover the difference between control & fear
  • How to manage your fear
  • Discover where fear comes from
  • Learn the different interpretations of Fear
  • Learning to recognize fear in the workplace
  • Discover how uncertainty can be an opportunity

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I have been a client of Deb's for 6 years. In the first meeting with Deb, I was amazed by her healing and mediumship abilities. She is a very warm, sweet and down to earth person. She makes anyone feel welcome and safe. -Natalie S.