Leading With Compassion Certificate Program

Train-the-Trainer - Leading With Compassion Certificate Program

  • 21 Hours
  • $12,500/pp

One-on-one, teaching managers practical strategies to lead with compassion. Working with that individual to lead their people through that change. Personality Assessment with Mo Aladin and the psychology of greiving with Dr Irene Estay to assist with the transition from pre-covid to post covid adjustments in life.

The following modules are included in this program.

1. Communication & Listening with Your Heart

2. Dealing with Fear & Uncertainty

3. Chaos, Anxiety, Overwhelm & Reducing Stressors

4. What you Control & What you Don’t Control

5. Going Inward- Knowing Yourself

6. What Keeps You Up at Night?

7. Overcomplicating Things & Making Decisions

8. Common Ground & Diversity & Inclusion

9. Listening With Your Heart

Happiness Coach

Happiness Designer

Happiness Blueprint

I enjoyed the session immensely! It took me until yesterday to realize that I have not had any headaches for the last 6 days….which for me is amazing!! -Laurel Mustoe