Listening With Your Heart

This is a whole new way to listen. Part of the importance of communication is not only being able to articulate your thought into words but to also be able to listen with an open mind and heart. Many of us are not truly listening, we are formulating an answer or comment to reply. When we can truly listen with our hearts, we not only hear what they are saying but we are present at the moment, and they know it. People want to be heard. One of the easiest things to do and yet we struggle as human beings.

  • How to listen with the heart
  • Discover the importance of body language
  • Enhanced listening skills
  • How to understand what is said
  • How to have a meaningful connection

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I started getting migraines at the age of 16 and they haven’t let up yet, they have changed over the years in intensity and duration but have always been around. I have been searching for 32 years for the cause/reason. I do believe I have found the reason [through Deb's guidance]……it is truly amazing to me the power of belief!! -Laurel Mustoe