Overcomplicating Things And Making Decisions

As human beings the majority of us, at one time or another over complicate things. We overthink the smallest of things. This just adds to our stress and interferes with making decisions. Procrastination owns a huge stake in overthinking, it keeps us from getting started and being productive. We become the very thing we’re trying to avoid by overthinking. If your decision making is impaired by overthinking then this is the time to change this habit.

  • Discover how to have clarity
  • Ability to apply simple strategies
  • How to recognize emotional exhaustion
  • Discover the role your inner monologue plays
  • How to effectively manage your decision-making process
  • How to manage procrastination
  • How to communicate decisions effectively

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I felt so good about the session with you in August that I am happy to share that with others. So, I wrote up a short testimonial, which is attached. I didn’t go into a lot of detail, but I think I got the message across that this is a beneficial thing to do…or at least it was for me! -Janet FitzGerald