What Keeps You Up At Night

During our busy day, our internal monologue has to fight for our attention, but at night, just when we are about to drift off to sleep, it happens, all the things we forgot to do, all the things we need to remember to start their lap around our mind. The good news is you can deal with the inner monologue way before you go to bed. Research shows us the world needs more sleep.

  • Discover How to brain dump
  • Ability to use simple strategies to quiet the mind
  • How to cultivate routines
  • How to identify the culprits of worry
  • How to create sacred space
  • How to power-down

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Thank you Debra, you left me feeling more whole and aware and confident in that loveable. I’m absolutely coming for more sessions, I think you will probe more, and you have my trust and confidence, I am willing to go deeper to understand my best forward – inside and out. -Sue Spicer