Workplace Workshops

Our Happiness Workshops teach people who lead with compassion find unique and creative ways to guide their teams through fear and uncertainty.

Traditional ways to manage people are being called into question. As the world shifts around us, we can no longer ignore things we have politely or not so politely been sweeping under the rug.

Managers who want to lead teams to their greatest potential understand that there has to be a different way forward. Our training was created for this reason.

Benefits for Managers

  • Gain new perspectives on yourself and others around you
  • Discover ways to communicate with compassion
  • Gain insight into the growth mindset
  • Find different ways to reduce your stressors
  • Experience ways to manage tough times
  • Gain knowledge on leading with compassion
  • You’ll enjoy our unique & fun methods

Benefits for Teams

  • Supportive work environment
  • Tools & resources that can be helpful in your personal life
  • Builds Trust, Stability & Hope
  • Compassion is contagious
  • Gain Loyalty & Inclusion
  • Celebrate the small stuff

3 workshops Available

Activating Managers

  • 3hr- Lunch & Learn
  • Minimum 5 managers/supervisors
  • $600/pp

Leading With Compassion

  • 5-6hr - Full Day
  • Minimum 5 managers/supervisors
  • $1200/pp One-on-one, teaching managers practical strategies to lead with compassion. Working with that individual to lead their people through that change. Personality Assessment with Mo Aladin and the psychology of greiving with Dr Irene Estay to assist with the transition from pre-covid to post covid adjustments in life.

Train The Trainer

  • 21 Hours
  • $12,600/pp

This certification program has been endorsed and approved by CARES Society. This program takes an indepth look at how leaders can lead with compassione using their own strengths while recognizing what the team needs at any given time.

The program helps enlighten leaders, to have awareness around sensitive issues. Presents ideas on how you can pull a team together and elevate one another, creating an awesome work environment.

Collaboration, trust and stability are just a few of the outcomes your leadsers will have going forward. Leading Teams with compassion during uncertainty and fear can be handled in a way that builds suppport, trust and stability.

Depending on the training you choose, the following modules will be customized to suit your work environment:

1. Communication & Listening with Your Heart

2. Dealing with Fear & Uncertainty

3. Chaos, Anxiety, Overwhelm & Reducing Stressors

4. What you Control & What you Don’t Control

5. Going Inward- Knowing Yourself

6. What Keeps You Up at Night?

7. Overcomplicating Things & Making Decisions

8. Common Ground & Diversity & Inclusion

9. Listening With Your Heart

Happiness Coach

Happiness Designer

Happiness Blueprint

The positive vibe I have when I'm around Deb and in her presence is incredible. Whether you're looking for someone to help you find yourself or looking to connect with someone on the other side, she will be able to do it! I love working with her and her energy is just simply wonderful. -Laura Robinson